Step Deliver A Good Presentation

What Makes A good Presentation?

  • Remember your audience.

Establish clearly objectives in the introduction.
Meet audience expectations with relevant content.
Create interest and promote involvement.

  •  Organize the information.

Design an overall structure which is clear.
Ensure the introduction and ending have maximum impact.
Link the different section together.
Communicate using the allotted time.

  • Use visuals effectively.

Use simple clear and simple message.
Create impact.
Handle aids and equipment professionally.
Be prepared to provide handouts.

  • Communicate with body language.

Maintain relaxed attitude; remain confident and positive.

Use eye contact to engage your audience.
Focus meaning by movement or gesture.
Avoid distracting mannerism.

  • Deliver your message.

Use your voice effectively; volume, rhythm and pause.
Adjust complexity / formality of language to the audience.

  • Prepare thoroughly.

Write brief notes to assist.
Practices before the real thing.

Source :  Minimax Book American Embassy – Jakarta

See the Indonesian version <<< Click

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