In English grammar, article have important function in marketing and explain about nouns. Article divide to be two a part there is definite article and indefinite article.

Word of the include to definite article and word of a/an include to indefinite article.

Definite Article

1. The relate to something which typical or have been done at previous sentence

The, used in front of single noun which its amount can be calculate.

Example :

  • Give me the apple
  • Sell the orange

The, used in front of plural noun which its amount can be calculate too

Example :

  • The apples weren’t very ripe

The, used in front of noun which its amount can’t be calculate and have special character

Example :

  • They live in the green house on top of the hill

2. The used to relate something object which merely there is one

Example :

  • The sun
  • The moon
  • The pacific ocean
  • The hindia ocean

3. The used with adjective when relate at common public

Example :

  • The rich
  • The old
  • The poor
  • The unemployed
  • The lucky
  • The best

4. The used before certain words

Before cinema word, theatre word, radio word. Example :

  • We went to the theatre last week

Before an invention. Example :

  • The telephone was invented by bell

Before national words. Example :

  • The Japanesse
  • The American

Before newspaper title. Example :

  • The Jawa Post
  • The Times
  • The Singgalang Post

Before state, region, or plural archipelago. Example :

  • The Bahamas
  • The Netherlands
  • The USA

Before ocean name, sea or river but don’t to lake name. Example :

  • The Atlantic Oceans
  • The River Danube

Before concevutive mountain name. Example :

  • The Himalayas
  • The Andes

Before hotel name, restaurant name, museum and artictic gallery. Example :

  • The Fatahillah Museum
  • The Cost Restaurant

Before building name. Example :

  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Bank of Scotland

Indefinite Article

A/an have function for showing singular countable noun unclear of its object. Beside of that we can not used article a/an. Difference of article an locate in its use in noun phrase, where article of a coherent at noun with next letter sound death, and article of an noun with next letter sound life.

1. Only used in front of singular noun which amount can be calculate

Example :

  • I bought a T-shirt and a jacket
  • The live a lovely house
  • I read a book in the library

2. That article used to mention situation of someone and explain a appliance or object

Example :

  • She is a lawyer
  • He is a doctor
  • That is an instrument for measuring distance

3. That article used with number and fraction

Example :

  • A hundred
  • A million
  • A third

4. Have meaning every which express time

Example :

  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • Five times a year

5. That article used with what word in command sentence

Example :

  • What a strange person!

Zero Article

The zero article is the absence of an article. In language having a definite article, the lack of an article specially indicates that the noun is indefinite. Linguists interested in X-bar theory causally link zero articles to nouns lacking a determiner. In English, the zero article rather than the indefinite is used with plurals and mass nouns, although the word “some” can be used as an indefinite plural article.

References :

Complete English Grammar for Everyone Easy and Simple Tools for Learning and Teaching Grammar by Mettayana Anggun Puspitasari, S.Pd & Roro Ayu Kusumastuti, S.Pd

To Whom it May Concern, Practical English Grammar and Exercise by Girace Arliany Widjaja

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